Chief Program and Capital Budget Officer at the African Development Bank Group...

Chief Program and Capital Budget Officer at the African Development Bank Group (AfDB)

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African Development Bank Group (AfDB) – Established in 1964, the African Development Bank is the premier pan-African development institution, promoting economic growth and social progress across the continent. There are 80 member states, including 54 in Africa (Regional Member Countries). The Banks development agenda is delivering the financial and technical support for transformative projects that will significantly reduce poverty through inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Chief Program and Capital Budget Officer – SNPB0

Reference: ADB/18/058
Location: Cote d’Ivoire
Grade: PL3
Position N°: 50070525

The Complex

  • The Senior Vice-Presidency (SNVP) is responsible for supporting the President in the day-to-day management of the Bank Group to achieve its strategic objective and drive performance culture that will align all processes and systems to deliver high impact results.
  • The SNVP will provide effective leadership and exceptional coordination to ensure implementation and monitoring of key corporate decisions as well as the identification of necessary corrective measures and actions.
  • The SNVP will lead Senior Management discussions, decision-making processes and the implementation of key Board and Management decisions.

The Hiring Department

  • The primary role of the Programming and Budget Department (SNPB) is to develop a strategic approach to planning and budgeting, and to coordinate the definition, planning, implementation and monitoring of Bank-wide programming and budgeting processes.
  • The Department participates in framing of Bank-wide policies, strategies, new initiatives, and supports its implementation, advising on resource management implications and value for money issues.
  • The Director’s Front Office is responsible for developing and implementing a strategic approach to leading, defining, planning, organizing and coordinating the activities of the Department. It is also responsible for benchmarking of the Bank’s programming and budget function – including its policies, practices and systems with other International Financial Institutions and comparable organizations. It leads Capital Budget Management and represents the SNPB on various governance, administrative, coordination and standing committees of the Bank.

The Position
The Chief Program and Capital Budget Officer will be responsible for managing capital budget issues:

  • Provide advisory services on matters brought before various governance, administrative, coordination and standing committees of the Bank such as the Purchasing Committee, Standing Committee on Partnerships, Information Systems Steering Committee(ISSC), Capital Investment Projects Steering Committee (CIPSC Medical Benefits and Staff Retirement Plan, Senior Management Coordination Committee(SMCC) and Human Resources
  • Ensure Capital Expenditure proposals are generated from sound business case and are appraised, executed, monitored and reported on in accordance with the Financial Regulations, Delegation of Authority Matrix, existing guidelines and generally accepted capital budgeting principles. Participate to the preparation and update of the capital budget policies in line with best practices and within the existing regulatory framework
  • Promote goal consistency, financial probity, efficiency and value for money considerations in all Bank programs, policies and strategies
  • Provide quality assurance of documents that are produced by the Department.

Duties and Responsibilities
Under the supervision and guidance of the Director, the Chief Program and Budget Officer is to perform the following duties:

Capital Budget Management:

  • Lead and conduct due diligence on capital budget proposals and business cases, and prepare recommendations for the release/redeployment of Capital Budget resources in compliance with the Financial Regulations and applicable guidelines;
  • Prepare detailed capital expenditure analyses on a quarterly basis; and provide advice to the Information Systems Steering Committee (ISSC) and the Capital Investment Projects Steering Committee (CIPSC) on issues relating to capital budget policies, guidelines and processes, including issues affecting project progress, budget execution and reporting;
  • Provide reviews and enhancements to capital budget policies and guidelines, when necessary;
  • Develop and proactively suggest enhancements for Capital Budget and Projects management infrastructure, and the development of simplified budgeting tools (in SRAS – Strategic Resource Assessment Software & SAP);

Promoting Value for Money, Efficiency and Cost Saving Measures:

  • Lead and coordinate the agenda on value for money, efficiency and cost saving initiatives by developing concepts in liaison with various units, prescribing methodologies for monitoring and reporting on their execution
  • Develop and monitor value for money KPIs through a dashboard
  • Evaluate Bank performance against comparable institutions and propose Management actions for improving on exceptions highlighted by the status of the KPIs
  • Conduct independent cost reviews and support in-depth reviews of selected departmental functions and programs of the Bank, examining program objectives, policies, procedures, standards, performance, progress, work operations, cost and staffing to improve budget review and execution, improve base for formulation or reformulating budgets and program management,

Quality Assurance and Advisory Services:

  • Provide the first line of support on matters relating to development of Terms of Reference for consulting services and support procurement processes and contract management, on key procurements in SNPB
  • Support the development of Bank wide policies, work programs and strategies, by undertaking reviews of draft documents and advising the Director on their budgetary implications
  • Support capacity building interventions on budget policies, guidelines and procedures and related regulations and the dissemination of best practices and lessons learned to budget focal points within the Bank and other International Financial Institutions
  • Represent the Department at the Purchasing Committee, Standing Committee on Partnerships, Medical Benefit and Staff Retirement Plans as well as at key budget meetings and important missions when requested to do so by the Director or Senior Management
  • Support, in close collaboration with the Managers of SNPB.1&2, the preparation of the Bank-wide Annual Administrative and capital Budgets, and periodic budget execution and performance reporting activities;

Selection Criteria
Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience:

  • Hold at least a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in IT, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Accounting or related fields; having a certification in at least one module of SAP or other ERP systems, and/or a membership of an accounting, finance or planning body is an added advantage;
  • A minimum of 7 years of relevant working experience in developing and implementing budget or financial management systems as well as processing, analyzing and presenting budget and other statistical or accounting information; Having private sector experience will be an added advantage
  • Good knowledge of operational and project management systems would be advantageous
  • Capacity for formulation, conceptual and strategic analysis and good command of budgetary, operational management and performance monitoring matters
  • Demonstrated capacity to lead and advise on new projects, initiatives and change management initiatives
  • Problem Solving: Identify problems associated with changes in methodology and utilize business knowledge to resolve them
  • Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, preferably with a working knowledge in the other
  • Team Working and Relationships: Track record in leading teams and steering them towards informed policy choices and ability to build partnerships with a broad range of clients within and outside the Bank and deliver results that meet their needs and long-term interests
  • Ability to manage multiple and simultaneous and shifting demands, priorities under tight deadlines
  • Competence in the use of Bank standard Microsoft Office Suite application (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
  • Competence in the use of ERP Systems (preferably SAP, with emphasis on SAP-CO and Funds Management), BI tools (preferably BIW and Dashboards).

Application Closing Date
16th May, 2018.

How to Apply
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