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EDITORIAL: Interview with ”K MELODY”


In our online interview with d MULTI TALENTED,CLASSICAL,MATURED AND MULTI AWARD WINNING MUSICIAN(K MELODY, Mr Secular),about his multi talents gift and heart of support for d upcoming artists.His emphasize is always on Whatever u do to others is what God will repay u with.And that his gifts is from God and not just him.K Melody has been d award winner of The Most Outstanding Secular Musician over the years and till date,he is that musician that handle all musical styles in a matured and classical way and that’s why he is always seen performing for series of class of people, series of matured men clubs and engagements.

He also spoke about CORONNA VIRUS.He said d virus has come and it wl surely go but we need to live to be a blessing to one another in this coro season,we need to live to be someone source of miracle in ds season cos its a season that God wants to test our love for Him and for one another.He also said its a season for unity among d rich and poor,a season for our leaders to know that its God that is d most powerful, its a season that u will get reward for any of ur handworks so all d leaders of d world should be more kind and concern about d citizens of their countries.

The Multi Talented Artist and book writer said,let’s remember d world in prayer,nothing last forever and God is at work to take away the virus in no time


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