Make it a Goal to be in Canada 2019

Make it a Goal to be in Canada 2019


I don’t know what’s coming, all I know is that life will never be the same again. A goal to be in Canada 2019.

Sometimes, life throws you a few roses.

I just got off the phone from a close friend, who’s currently in the US- stuck at a camp at the border- we left Nigeria together. Did you know Nigeria is the second highest country that seeks asylum to Canada?

But who can you blame? Everyone wants to leave Nigeria. That’s how my story started. By this time nine months ago, I was completely drained and frustrated with life in Nigeria. It wasn’t a case of joblessness or struggling to eat but it was the fear of never realizing my life’s dreams. I bet that’s why everyone wants to leave.

Here I was, a 28 year old man, living with my parents and stuck at a low paying job that brought neither fulfillment nor growth. Month after month, I felt my dreams fade away and I began falling into the naija mindset of “whatever happens, happens.”


My Wake-Up Call

Before you judge me about my previous statement, understand that I worked hard. I worked hard at my job, I put in the time, initiatives and I even applied to many high-paying jobs yet none clicked. For I while, I thought my village people were after me.

Then, one boring Sunday my friend Tunji comes around. I’ve known Tunji my whole life, his mother is literally mine. To cut the long story short, we were having one of those conversations were you start by complaining and then try to plan for the future. That’s when Tunji told me he’d hit a jackpot and that we could be out of Nigeria in three months.

Ahh! I was thrilled. I listened carefully as he explained the process. Something about travelling to the US, then getting into Canada by seeking asylum. According to him, the whole process would take about 6 months. While the idea of traveling to Canada was intriguing, Tunji’s plan didn’t sit well with me.

Anyway, I had to pass because, I didn’t have enough money at the time to start the process. Tunji on the other hand, began his process of traveling. However, the idea of traveling to Canada stuck with me. So, I went to work and did some research and learned all I could about the Express Entry System. During the process, I stumbled on this page and got a free eligibility test. I quickly answered the question and then got the results stating that I was eligible.

You should have seen how excited I was, I even asked a couple of friends whom I knew had attempted traveling to Canada in the past. Quite frankly, I got so many discouraging answers; one said he had written IELTS four times and still hadn’t gotten the required band score, another went on to narrate how she had gotten stuck halfway because of falsifying some information.

Well, I had to try at least. I went back to my eligibility test and called the number of the agency. Let me just state that I had thoroughly done my research, I knew what I was expecting to hear. I requested a meeting to confirm their legitimacy.

You know that feeling when you’re skeptical and extremely cautious and then boom, you meet someone who’s genuinely interested in you. That’s how I felt when I met Ms Mary Jane, the CRM. She was real with me and told me all that I needed to do. She even calculated my possible CRS score (Comprehensive Ranking Score) let’s just say, if you want to relocate to Canada, you need to have a high CRS score.

I told her about my financial status and how much I had in my account presently because I was sure that would disqualify me. But surprisingly she said they could work with what I had and their service fee was clear and concise and they only get their balance of consulting fee upon assurance that I will get my visa. It is also worth noting that due to lack of funds, The Agency Agreed for me to pay in installments. That further reassured me.

Then I took my IELTS and thanks to Mary Jane, I got some top-notch training materials and I scored a band 9. Hurray! My PR process officially starts and before I knew it, I got my ITA and then, my PR application was approved in three months later.

See ehh, the day I got on the plane, it felt like the world stopped and all I felt was joy. I sat through over 14 hours and it still felt good knowing I was finally leaving. When we landed, the feeling when the tires touched down is at best indescribable for me. We proceeded to join the immigrants queue and the pleasant welcome for immigrants was immediately obvious. The sight of the city of Toronto was so welcoming and invigorating.

Anyway, back to the beginning; Tunji my friend, traveled to the US as well but he’s currently stuck at the border and it breaks my heart. Maybe, just maybe, if he saw this link everything would be different right now.

His story inspired me to share my experience, to spare anyone who’s striving for a better life know that there’s an easy way out.

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