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Nigerian innovation hubs set to sponsor projects aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus in Africa


We’re living in troubling times and as the coronavirus pandemic affects economies all over the world, restrictions are being put in place by various countries to curb its spread.

Billionaires, athletes, and other public figures have also made efforts to halt the pandemic that has seen the number of cases rise to over 200,000 with more than 8,000 deaths as at press time.

In Africa, two innovation hubs, Co-creation Hub (CcHub) and Ventures Platform Hub, have stepped up to combat the spread of the virus by sponsoring innovative projects and solutions.

Lagos-based CcHub is willing to fund and provide research and design support via its Design Lab, to any coronavirus related project.

The Design Lab, based in Rwanda, was launched last year to focus on tech solutions that solve important problems in governance, health, education, and the private sector in Africa.

CcHub says it will provide between $5,000 to $100,000 for projects that are centred around last-mile communication, supporting the infected and most vulnerable people in the society, local production of essential medical supplies, and support for food value chain from producers to consumers in the event of movement restrictions.

Although these are the important projects CcHub is willing to support, it says other related projects are welcome as long as they are focused on an African country, the African continent, or the world.

Interested parties already working on a project or with an idea are encouraged to fill this form.

Abuja-based Ventures Platform, on the other hand, via a tweet from its founder, Kola Aina, has said that it will provide workspace, mentorship, and a $1,000 grant for the first five projects the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) accepts.

The projects, Aina says, will be “around reporting, tracing, or anything else that helps in our fight against COVID-19.”


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